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Danielle Lasting Enhancements

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Q... How long does it last?

A... 1/5 years.

Q... Is it the same as a tattoo?

A... Yes/NO. It goes into the dermis layer of the skin. The difference is we use pigment not ink and the depth of the pigment implanted in SMPU is around 2mm however a conventional tattoo is implanted at around 3mm.

Q... Does it hurt?

A... Everyone's pain threshold is different, these are small procedures and the pain if any is minimal.

Q... Can I use sun beds after treatment?

A... No. Not until 4/6 weeks after treatment.

Q... Can I go in the sun?

A... Yes. However we recommend using a total sunblock as sun exposure will fade your procedure which can cause colour change.

Q... I have facials every month is this OK?

A... Yes. However you must wait until your procedure is complete and the skin is fully healed. This will take 6 weeks. (Strong chemical or acid peels may cause pigment to lighten)

Q.. Is it expensive?

A… Not if you look at the long  term costs. It doesn’t run or wash off and is a great time saver!! Its worth every penny when going on holiday stepping out of the pool or just waking up every morning looking beautiful

Q…What of styles change?

A.. As semi permanent make up professionals we never do anything too trendy or faddy. We use colours that are custom blended to compliment your skin tone, eye and hair colour to give a soft and natural appearance. Therefore semi permanent is used to enhance your natural beauty and you yourself can top this up when going out to an occasion if you require.

Colour can also be changed over time by blending another colour over the top of the original.  

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