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What is SMPU

A process where hypo-allergic pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin.

This pigment will, after a healing process, stay in the skin for a number of years breaking down and fading over time, this can also depend on the clients age and skin type.

What type of people have SPMU

People with a busy life style

People who suffer with alopecia or any other related conditions

People who are allergic to make up

Anyone who desires freedom from conventional make up

Athletic people

Men and women who wish to look their best from waking up to going to bed

People whose eyesight may be deteriorating therefore struggle to get their make up on evenly.

Benefits of permanent make up

Semi permanent make up is ideal for anyone who wants to look and feel great without having to spend hours in front of the mirror!!

It not only means you save valuable time, it also enhances your natural features.

You can benefit from larger looking eyes with fuller thicker lashes, youthful juicy and fuller lips, giving definition to the contour of the lip with the eyeliner and lip procedures.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows that smooth the brow and make the eyes look bigger, which in effect gives you an instant eye lift without surgery!

YOU are in control and with the help from us can choose the look to suit you and achieve your desired look.

From bold to subtle, understated or glamorous, to the more glaringly obvious, with hundreds of pigment colours to choose from we can be sure to find a colour match to suit you.

Semi permanent can really knock 10 years off people and change their whole life style and confidence.  

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SMP is a specialist pigmentation treatment that is developed by implanting pigments into the scalp.

SMP is a procedure in which pigment is inserted into the scalp or desired area using microfine needles to create the effect of hair strokes and/or hair follicles.

Receding hairline

Bald patches

Thinning hair

Scars from hair transplants


Beard simulation

Bald patches from scaring or burns.

SMP can give you the chance to gain confidence and restore your self esteem!

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